LSAT Made Easy Bronze Foundations Course: The Newest, Easiest Prep Course to Ace the LSAT®.

LSAT Made Easy does exactly that. With never-before-made exercises and drills, you can go from newbie to hero and reach your target LSAT® score!

The LSAT Made Easy BRONZE Foundations Course is perfect for beginner-level LSAT® students who need to move from the 120-140 score range to 155+.

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"By helping me truly understand the basics of logic, the rest of the LSAT material just clicked and it all made more sense. I loved the worksheets and the examples you would use to break everything down made understanding the material very easy."
- Anne-Marie Diaz
Florida International University

"My name is Niamani "Nia" Mayes and I took your bronze and silver courses last year in preparation for the January LSAT. I am so excited to tell you that I was accepted into my top two choices for law school! I have not chosen one yet but will let you know as soon as I do. I could not have done it without your course and guidance with the LSAT. I really did not understand how to study prior to following your videos and study guides. For my first three LSATs that I took in undergrad I self studied. I was planning to use this method again due to not being able to find an affordable prep course online. After using your program from August 2020-January 2020 my scored improved so much! I really cannot thank you enough! This was truly the best investment I have made on my law school journey so far! It is a perfect for someone like me, who did not know where to start after many failed attempts of self studying. The videos + worksheets are great for pacing and finding where I needed more practice. I grasped logic reasoning 10x better than when I took the Kaplan course but for 1/3 of what they charged! I would recommend this to the anyone who is serious about boosting your score. Deb is the real deal and has your back!"
- Niamani "Nia" Mayes

"The breakdown of each section and question types has really helped me to understand the LSAT concepts. The examples given, the handouts provided, and the book content has all played a supporting role in my development and making the material come easy."
- Ariana McCowin
University of Michigan

"LSAT made easy is an incredibly helpful prep tool for the test! Deb is a very knowledgeable instructor! LSAT made easy breaks down each section of the LSAT in a way no other program I’ve ever used has! The videos and book are a great reference as well. Live tutoring is available which is an amazing asset to the entire package."
- Angela Layne

"I have only used LSAT Made easy for about 5 weeks and can already see the difference in my understanding of LG set-ups. I took another practice test last night and have already increased by 6 points since my last practice test. That is a 7% increase in LR and 19% increase in my RC. Thank you LSAT Made Easy!"
- Maddy Perard
Rutgers University

“This course breaks down each LSAT concept to a basic level of understanding for anyone to comprehend. I highly recommend this course which includes lots of drills, examples, and videos that will help you succeed with your LSAT studies. It’s definitely worth the price.”
- Darius Peterson

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Level up your LSAT score like you cracked the code

You want a higher LSAT score but...
You aren't sure which resource is going to give you the most value for your money.

But you know you have to start an effective study plan ASAP.
Especially because you plan on submitting your law school application as soon as possible.

What if you could learn from a course that breaks down all of the LSAT's complex ideas?
The LSAT Made Easy Foundations Course uses simple, real-life examples of LSAT concepts to help you gradually build skills and master concepts. After taking this course, you will be able make the most of out of real LSAT practice tests and score at your top potential!

Why should you believe me?
Because I'm sharing the methods and exercises I wrote while studying!
I've also taught the SAT, the English language, and mentored students for years. I know how important it is to break down high-level ideas.

These are the methods I used to go from the 40th percentile to the 96th percentile!

Meet Deb

Who is this for?

LSAT Made Easy is right for you if you:

What Will I Learn?

The full course curriculum:

What If I Don't Like It?

You should not have any regrets after buying this course!

If you do not like this course after 3 days, you can get a refund.

BUT, before that happens, you are entitled to a FREE tutoring session to pinpoint exactly what is not working for you!

Why Drills?

What's the hardest skill you can think of? I'll give you a second...

Did you think of playing a sport, like tennis for example? Or did you think of playing an instrument, like the piano?

Whatever it was, how did the best person at that thing get good at it?

You know where I'm going with this:

They practiced.

Practice is what you need to build any skill. The more practice, the better.

Here's the deal:

Other test prep companies will not give you enough opportunities to really practice the key skills necessary to do well on the LSAT. They often superficially cover the topic, then lead you right into real LSAT questions.

BUT here's how LSAT Made Easy's different:

Using everything I have learned from my teaching experiences, I wrote 400 Foundational LSAT Drills as I personally encountered challenges while studying for the LSAT.

For example, in an LSAT course, you will learn about sufficient and necessary conditions. But the lesson on these conditions will be explained in less than 10 minutes, and then you will be immediately expected to attack real LSAT questions and recognize those conditions correctly!

You might end up doing an entire practice test, 100 questions, without fully understanding the concept. That is a huge waste of your resources!

If you did not know, you will learn soon:

Real LSAT tests are precious no matter if you are paying for them individually or if you have them for free. Once you have done a test, you really cannot get the most out of the questions anymore (except for Logic Game questions, which can be repeated many times, but still!).

The point is--you should not waste them!

So this is not only what makes the LSAT Made Easy approach unique, this is what makes it effective and worth your investment.