Top 5 Steps to Discover What You Need From an LSAT Course

As you shop around for an LSAT course, I can imagine you might be full of anxiety over the unknown. 

You likely don't know:

1. If a course has a great instructor

2. If the material will help you improve

3. Whether the course format will fit your learning style

Most of all: You don't know what you don't know!

In this post, I'm going to share the Top 5 steps to getting what you need from an LSAT course.


First step:

Take a practice LSAT to understand what you're up against

If you're a complete beginner, I strongly recommend you bite the bullet and just take a real practice test! If you rely on a company to tell you everything, you're more likely to be misled. You need to see what the real test is like, and how you perform on it, before you can evaluate whether or not a prep course can help you.

And let me tell you the most important knowledge you need from a course:

You need an LSAT course that effectively helps you master the skills and knowledge that the LSAT requires.


Because each LSAT question is testing whether you know how to:

  1. Approach the question
  2. Interpret the vocabulary of the question or passage
  3. Evaluate the strength of the argument OR draw a proper conclusion from the argument
  4. Diagram / write in shorthand accurately and quickly


So your second step is to:

Be sure that the LSAT course will focus on this essential knowledge

I almost placed this as the first step because it is ultimately the most important. No matter what the style of the course is, you want to be sure they're not going to skim over the necessary LSAT skills

I'll tell you how to find that out later... but next, you have the...


Third step

Consider your ideal learning style:

  • What has worked for you in the past?
  • Do you prefer learning in a group of other students?
  • Do you need the flexibility and repeatability of an online course? Or do you need a live instructor to answer your questions on the spot?
  • Can you rely on a book alone for instruction, or do you need visuals and videos?

It's easier to find what you want when you've thought about it!


Fourth step:

Read reviews on the major LSAT forums 

LSAT forums are a great place to gather and see authentic opinions from LSAT students! Forums on Reddit and Facebook are full of students giving their advice and evaluations, and you know it's for real because they're not being paid.

Reddit's /r/LSAT

Facebook (Search for LSAT groups!)


Fifth step:

Ask for a Free Trial of the Courses You're Considering

For the final step, you're going to test the offerings of each course you've narrowed down. Any course worth it's price will let you sample the material for free. You should feel comfortable checking whether or not you like their style of teaching. 

LSAT Made Easy Free Trial

Kaplan Free Trial

Manhattan LSAT Prep Free Trial

7Sage Free Trial

Testmasters (No free trial!)

Blueprint Free Trial


Finally, if you've narrowed down your choices--decide based on your budget!

You can easily choose between two equal courses by considering your budget. If you'd like to spend extra money, that's your choice... But you might as well use the leftover cash for personal tutoring for help with the nitty-gritty aspects of the LSAT!

In the end--*you* are the biggest factor in a course's success

Ultimately, most LSAT courses will adequately prepare you for the test, but the biggest piece of the puzzle is your commitment to studying.

Your understanding will depend on how well you:

1. Take real practice tests

2. Review your wrong answers

3. Apply your lessons to the next tests or repeats of old ones

Without doing your part to take your time and internalize what you learn, every LSAT course will be unable to help you reach your potential. 


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