LSAT Tutoring Can Actually Save You $Thousands$

I want to quickly share with you how an investment in my LSAT tutoring can save you $1,000s, even hundreds of thousands, in the long run.

Law School is an expensive education. 

I don't want you to end up like John Acosta, a man who graduated in the top-third of his class at Valparaiso Law School, but was then saddled with $200,000+ in student loan debt that he has no chance of paying off. (Valparaiso Law School is now shutting down.

He didn't attend the highest-ranked law school he could, and it cost him a LOT of money.

Aiming for a Top 25 ranked law school increases your chance of receiving a quality education, being prepared to pass the bar, and gaining employment that allows you to pay off your debts.

How do you get into a Top 25 law school?

"Getting into professional schools like law and medicine is not art — it’s math. Here’s a formula: G.P.A. x LSAT Score / Demographics = Admission Decision."

And guess what -- Law Schools Shell Out Deep Tuition Discounts to Students.
"Students with high LSAT scores could see as much as $100,000 in tuition discounts, experts say." 

I don't know about you, but I'd definitely choose to save $100,000 if I could!

These facts are why I've designed a course that aims for you to reach your highest potential, not just the bare minimum. Not all law schools are the same--and I'm here to help you get into the best one possible.