LSAT Made Easy Bronze-Level Foundations Course

Perfect for beginners to the LSAT! If you've just begun studying, then you definitely need a solid foundation of skills. This course will deliver like no other--guaranteed!

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$1,199 $347

Save $$$ when compared to the Kaplan Self-Paced PLUS LSAT course - but get better quality lessons and more personal attention


Unlimited Access

Unlimited Access to the LSAT Foundations Course - 100+ Lessons with Videos and Drills + More to Come

Study Plan

A detailed study plan to ensure you go from point A to Z

726-Page Coursebook

The LSAT Made Easy coursebook with 16 REAL LSAT Practice Tests

PDF Edition of 400 Foundational LSAT Drills

The complete workbook available with the course

Money-Back Guarantee

3-Day Money-Back Guarantee if you're not satisfied with the course!

Great Value!

I want to make sure that each of my students has the tools he or she needs to excel. So, question explanations are included in the course to help your understanding!
LSAT tutoring can cost from $50 to over $150 an hour. But the Foundations Course includes free tutoring time, saving you $$$!


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