What You'll Learn

Foundations Course

  • Overview of the LSAT
  • Basics of an Argument
  • Inferences
  • Conditions and Conditional Statements
  • Thinking of Conditions
  • Introduction to Indicator Words
  • Introduction to Diagramming
  • Reading Conditional Statements
  • Wrong Negation
  • Introduction to Must be True Questions
  • Special Indicator Words
  • Linking Conditionals
  • Diagramming And/Or
  • Diagramming Either/Or
  • Unless/Without
  • Quantity Words
  • Valid vs. Invalid Arguments with Quantity Words
  • Quantity Must be True Questions
  • Introduction to Assumptions
  • Necessary Assumption Questions and Logical Negation
  • Deep Dive into Necessary Assumption Questions
  • Sufficient Assumptions
  • Weaken Questions
  • Strengthen Questions
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Logic Games
  • Test Tips

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Available March 2019

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LSAT Made Easy Foundations Course

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