Working Great Together!

Our responsibilities to each other

  • My Responsibilities as your Tutor

    • I’ve provided 100+ lessons via videos, tests, and drill exercises that will give you the foundation to score at least 155 on the LSAT, with more being added all the time..
    • If you've subscribed to live-online tutoring, I’ll be fully available to you for 4 weekly live-online tutoring sessions of at least one hour, and I will respond to any of your comments in the course promptly during those 4 weeks.
    • I’ll be open and receptive to your needs for a better user experience on the course.

Your Responsibilities as a Student

  • I understand that only I have the power to get the most out of this course and improve on the LSAT, and I’ll only get back as much as I put in.
  • I’ll submit a diagnostic test result within one week of signing up for the course (either the free June 2007 LSAT or a previous test I’ve taken) so I can track my progress accurately.
  • I’ll log on to the course and study at least 5 hours a week (and aim for as much time as possible) for at least 12 weeks for better results.
  • I understand that each of these LSAT lessons improves a skill that I need to master to reach my goal score.
  • I’ll do my best to follow the course in order, understanding that if I show weakness in one LSAT concept, I may need to revisit that lesson and/or redo the related drills. 
  • I’ll do my best to complete all drill exercises, and I recognize that I may need to repeat a sheet of drills until I understand concept(s) and get each question 100% right.
  • I understand that my access to the basic course is unlimited, but my access may be withdrawn if, for 30 days in a row, I don't log on and use the course.
  • I understand and agree that these actions are for my benefit and will help guarantee that my LSAT score will improve.
  • I’ll forgive myself if I’m not perfect, but I’ll always push myself to improve.
  • I’ll have faith in myself, in my skills, and know that I am smart and dedicated enough to do great on the LSAT!

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I accept these responsibilities and I'm ready to improve my LSAT score!


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